Daniela Brown.

Born- Daniela Ana-Maria Mazilu.

Now- Daniela Rodica Brown.

The bits in between…. thats where I merge from Photographer to Testimony Talker.

Everyone has a story, and here is mine.

I was adopted from Romania to New Zealand when I was 3 from Bucharest. I was born in Jilava Jail as my birthmother was incarcerated through “prostitution” (if you want to know more its gonna take a cuppa… a big one).

I am a secondary school art and music teacher. I adore teenagers. Not in a creepy way…. but I really do, even with all their moodiness and clumsiness.

Teenagers are the rare gap in society of “what next?” and standing in the sidelines when they rise up and harness their true selves… pretty damn cool.

I absolutely testify to being a raving christian. The bit before…. where I was a sniveling toddler in an orphanage…. to now where I have a life of abundance…. cannot be hidden in doubt. ITS GOD. Everyone has a story, and I KNOW that God is dying to take the pen and write it for them. Literally dying.

The part where he morphed from alive to dead?

It happened. 

 For me. For you.

For that annoying lady who pushed in front of you at the lido waving her credit card. RUUUUUUDE.

Okay, so I had this incredible community and cheer team back in NZ, and through a kickstarter campaign, in 2015 I returned to Romania.

WHOAAA. This deserves a new sentence.

I returned to Romania. 

And what hit me blew my heart to shreds and only God stitched it back to a BIGGER RESOUNDING PULSING love for this nation of Romania. With its textures and secrets, pain and joy, shadows and light. This land of contrasts came alive. I saw poverty and opulence co-existing, I hugged the orphans so tight it still makes my eyes water.

The land that gave me birth, gave me life.


But I have since returned many times to volunteer, to indulge in the culture, to capture the people, to visit MY FAMILY…. guys i met my birth family. GOOSEBUMPS!!! Hows that cuppa sounding now….?.

If you scroll through my blog posts you will see more of this TESTIMONY….

So yah. Thats my story. Such a small lil snippet of my story.

Im also a photographer.

Wait I have to share more about that,

Everyone is a photographer. Thats what iPhones maketh of the man. And thats SO COOL. I love technology.

For me, photography is defiantly a memory maker, but also a self-confidence builder, a culture indulger, a stranger conversator. Its so much more than what can be put in a magazine. Its what happens beyond the camera.

It could be a ministry, a therapy and a testimony talker.

Yup that bout sums it up.

Big Hugs,


Ouuuuu side note, there happened to be a wee bit of talk surrounding my return to Romania, and here’s the links if you got that cuppa.