An open letter to the fight.

An open letter to the fight. The fight for: Race relations Gender equality We are in warfare. We all are frontline. Fighting this battle. There are only two sides. We believe we are good. We believe the other is evil. One side is battling race relations. The other is battling gender equality. Two simultaneous fights … Continue reading An open letter to the fight.


James & Kate

Guys.... this right hurrr. 💐🙏🏽. I adore seeing the behind the scenes on relationships. The fo reals scoop on zoom in insight.  Through the lens I see it all... the details, the eyeballs staring, what you think is unheard whispers.  I get to zero in - and sometimes- the reality of photographing life is you … Continue reading James & Kate


Stunning Wedding Day. Flippin awesome couple. Traipsed round a part of Tauranga I never even knew existed. Hilarious bridal party. The love was fo real. If any photographer needs free advice... here it is. * ALWAYS shoot with a second photographer. She took stunning photos and captured moments I didn't even notice cause I was … Continue reading MEL AND BRUCE


Oh Delicious January you provided the sweet faced goods. Yes and Amen to stunning family units. side note---- most of these are unedited raw fulla photos. Still sploring the balance between hundy and au natrual photo processing styles. BOOOM the end. Stoked to start the creative year off with these gorgeous creations!


Umm... oops. So then 2017 happened. Gonna sum it all y'all up in one big ole post. Moved back to NZ. God orchestrated this dream ole combination of teaching drama and music which doing my 1st year Masters studies. BOOM HE NAILED IT. I fo shure struggled with the balance, but thank ye LAWWWD we … Continue reading 2017 REWIND