Oh yes. Guys. PARIS.

I have heard that with Paris you either love it or hate it.

The first time when I was 12. I didnt love it. All I rememeber is fights, smells and drunk people.

But now, as an adult. J’ADORE PARIS. The smells and textures of this city is under my skin now. PS YASSS TO ALL THE PASTRIES AND FRESH PRODUCE. Secret goal is to traipse over there every weekend to grab my groceries for the week back in London.

Anyhoo here’s my version of Paris. 2 things that have fascinated me is my old school approach in processing these photos, and how I was drawn to photographing older people. They are just so bausss as with public transport and style and ROCKING PARISIAN LIFE!

Mwah mwah and Imma just gonna leave these images here. Ps the girl gang here is the exact depiction of squad goals.


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