Woooo chillllddddd….

This is one of those posts that I have to pinch myself to write.

So many moons ago 2 friends an I decided we wern’t doing enough art. We had this conversation outside the tower bridge in London. So like all playground stories go… You start a squad based on your names…. Rhiannon, Emma and Daniela. So boom.

From there birthed \\ Red Room Creatives // What came from that was weekly challenges and art making process that was just for us…. Not for what we NEEEDED to do for work.

Then we had the opportunity to produce some work for a group exhibition… But what came next surprised us all…. Our very own exhibition.

Each of us are on our own artistic and personal journies here in Europe, but here you have a collective of soul sister urging eachother, to tell our stories through our practices.

So here births parallaxis. Our first RED ROOM CREATIVES EXHIBITION.


Romania is a such secret yet exposed journey for me. It has been the most publicised intense struggle/victory testimony.

So it only seemed right to push through the fear of doing it because the pain of NOT doing it would hurt more than having my photography exposed.

Here’s my artist statement //



Here’s the journey of our RED ROOM Creatives girl gang tearing up the artistic process. There has defiantly been tears upon tears, sweat and even blood shed. However as you see here, when you have a support network like we do, and a God stronger than any opposition… it changes the way we operate.





  1. isaidido says:

    Hey Dana I am so proud of you! How wonderful to have a girl gang who challenge and support you. Looks like an amazing exhibition – wish I could have been there. Much love Jode xoxo

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