These are the moments… 

So there will be times in life we need to forget. The awkward conversations, the dark moments, the hurtful comments, the failed experiments and all the other rain dripping down your back type moments.

oh but then… there are the moments that you need to time capsule. like these ones.

If only I could bottle the sounds of leaves under boots, or the feeling of standing in the cold waiting to meet Lulu on the set of a movie, the first sip of coffee in the morning, the smell of paint drying or the snuggly feeling of friday nights with your friends.

So here’s a raised glass to London Life. You may be so so epically far from home and friends and family, your strangers might just be the weirdest people in the world, and your far to close to the heartbeat of warfare, but you also somehow keep the blood pumping through me and make me feel oh so alive.



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