pARTnership Romania meets Love Light Romania.

The time has finally arrived!

When planning my trip to Romania was overwhelmed with such incredible support and Love. It has been such an incredible journey getting to Romania and it really has shown me how much power communities have. After the response to my Kickstarter campaign to fundraise for myself to do my first volunteer program in Brasov, It only seemed natural to create another fundraising platform to fuse the New-Zealand and Romanian communities together.

So enter pARTnership Romania.

Heres a little taste of the Benefit Concert and the wee lil market Photo Booth that raised the funds.

 FINALLOGO copy banner copy logo copy Prevention services for Families in Romania

There has been many opportunities this year to donate the raised funds, but only one that seemed the perfect fit. And finally…. almost a year later since the money was initially raised… it has found its sister home.

In Love Light Romania and the Albesti Roma community.

(remember this post about the incredible residents of the Sanctuary Well, this is another strand of the Love Light Romania  ministry.

One of the things that changed when I came to Romania was my philosophy of how to ‘help’ and ‘serve’, it wasn’t until I came here and saw grassroots ministry, that I understood what it meant to meet people where they are at. Not to get so caught up in ‘changing a nation’ but through one act of genuine love big things can grow.

And that’s where this new philosophy of contributing to the future of Romania…. to bring about a new culture and generation of Romania’s youth, to eliminate the poverty and change the outlook.

Words from Jo the director “Born into a cycle of poverty, living in the filth and the dirt, they (children of the Albest Roma Community) grow up in a miserable community but still find a way to smile and shine. Children segregated by society, marginalized so it is easier to forget they exist. Not many want to know these children, for too many it is easier to turn away from their sad, hopeless world. So as they get older, they remain without education, all they learn is how to live with no basic rights. Then way before they reach adulthood, they have children of their own.

LOVE LIGHT ROMANIA has a food parcel appeal for these children and others that live in their community, this winter. We are looking for support to ensure they have a weekly bag of vegetables over the most freezing months of the year. It will take place each week, from the start of November until the end of March. The aim is to provide vital sustenance for each of the 170 children, during the harshest winter months. What this means is, they will not go hungry and they will not have to beg and scavenge”.

Here’s is some photography of the residents of this community taken by the talented Richard ( who also shares these words “These are some of the people from Albesti Roma Community. I have photographed and known these people for a few years now and Love Light Romania are trying to raise the funds to provide each child with a weekly food parcel over the coming winter period. The cost for each child will be £2 per week and there are 170 children who live within this community. I am currently working on a film about this Food Parcel Distribution which should be finished later this week but for now I am trying to find anyone who is willing to help one or more of these children. The program will run from October until March and you do not need to come up with all the money in one go. If you feel you can help please get in contact with me or Jo Jowett from Love Light Romania directly. I will happily provide you with images and film of the child you are helping so you can see first hand the difference this food parcel will make”.

Also everyone. as you can see this is a evolving and huge project, so if you feel moved to donate independently, check out their website….



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