Camden Town Loitering

Well today was a delicious ball of out of every moment….. out of reality… out of comfort zone…. out of pocket hahahah.

No but really… no one I know finds it easy to bowl on up to strangers and ask to take their photo. And lets be honest I find it easier than some cause I’m a chatter box.

I LOVE street photography. Meeting people. Stalking people. Following people… ahem on instagram LOL.

JOAKES. Anyhoo… This is an account of vagabond adventures in the one place in London that recharges my batteries.  

This is Sam Garrett. he’s sublime…
My fav local hottie…

PS… This guy… was on UK Factor last night. You saw it here first guys.   

She did NOT approve my my snappy happy party. BUT HER HAIR!!!
Then you have moments when people follow you to ask you to take their photo. YASSSS. Ok… The before he realised I was riding his wave of HAWT….
And after…


Back to my fav…. YASSS PLEASE.


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