Love Light Romania 

Well I sit here, in London reflecting. On this last months journey. Tears sting my eyes when I think of how GOOD God is to lead me through the doors of Love Light Romania in circumstances that are beyond both mine and the Director Jo’s control, for reasons at the time we didn’t understand.

Each time I return to Romania, scales are lifted off my eyes. And this time. It was off my heart. Something in this trip tapped deeper into who I am as a Romanian. To be perfectly accepted as this amalgamation of both Kiwi and Romanian is just one of the many ways Love Light Romania showed me what true love is. is an organisation that is the total epitomy of what it means to be the hands and feet of God and I am in awe of the work they do and the humbleness and perceptiveness in which they do it.

I am so excited to share that pARTnership Romania really has found its vision sister if that ever was a term to use.

Do check out their website, because the footage on it will pull at your heart and tear ducts more than my words ever could.

But…for now. I leave you with the stunning faces of the Residents of the Sanctuary. Myyyyyyyy goodness each one of them with their spunk and pizzaz had me cracking up and rolling my eyes in a ball of entertainment. They all have their own incredible stories of how they came to live at the Sanctuary, that makes your heart ache in pain and sing for joy.

Just look at the depth in their eyes. I loved Photographing them and would love to have done a series on each of them.

Romanians are beautiful.



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