This last month has been EVERYTHING!!!!

Travel opens your eyeballs and when you do it with a someone who sticks closer than white on rice… it makes you feel invincible. Like whatever happens… you got dis.

And as any travel stories goes… whatever did happen.

Every depths and heights of emotions surfaced. This month of travel opened up our eyes to limits, wonders, culture, and EERRAYYYTHAAANG.

You know that thing floating round the internet that shows photos of how different types of tears looks? Thats the macro version of what these photos represent.

SAHHH MUCH POETRY IN MY BRAIN RIGHT NOW. But i’ll let the pics speak for themselves.




This trip opened up a new relationship with my brothers birth family. It was incredible to be able to travel Romania’s scape and stay with his birth sister and then visit his birthmother. This was a stunning, intense fusion of families, sharing stories and bridging the gaps of distance. I can’t imagine what it will be like if I ever meet my birth family. But meeting Jaxon’s, and representing our mother and father while standing in his birthmothers house was daunting, healing and intense.    


This is where partnership Romania really takes off. The overarching purpose of this week in Romania was to connect with an incredible organisation called Love Light Romania (you’ll hear more about them in a new blog post soon). We spent 2 nights here absorbing the vision and the heart of this place. I can’t wait to come back here to be apart of this incredible new direction for Romania’s people.



This man deserves his own comment. We made our way to Rome. and as you can see with the tears in my eyes… God closed a door to open a door. Through the moments of ‘whatever happens’ we thought we would be sleeping on the floor in a hallway… then this man shut the lions mouth and we got our room. Through this connection.

He saw my passport and noticed I was born in Jilava. He is also Romanian. And… GET THIS.

He spent time in Jilava Jail.

Then the flood gates happened. It’s like when you travel and hear your own accent spoken and your heart leaps. Only this went deeper. To have someone resonate with the darkest part of your story and find common ground floors you. It’s bizarre to think that our celebration and embrace from that connection was from mutual time spent in Romania’s worst penteniary. You’d think we were celebrating having gone to the same church as kids.

Anyhoo this is the rest of sweaty stunning contrast filled culture deep Roma.                 

Of all the touristy locations we went to. This was the one that got me. Mamertinum museum is where Peter and Paul was incarcerated and down in that dungeon Paul baptised many people and through his experience here Paul wrote some amazing letters to Timothy.  

The one. The only. Sistine Chapel.   

\\ WALES //          

\\ BATH //  

\\ LONDON //        


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