Here I am. I am sitting in Bucharest reflecting back now on a full on 2 months. Every weekend was spent tripping round sploring the flavour, scents and textures.

And during the week knuckling into the work.

I have so much to say, yet seem to be in limbo staring at the wall.

My brain is drained yet my heart is perhaps more alive than ever.

If only my word’s could follow through.

So for now I will let the photos speak for themselves.

IMG_9015 IMG_9012 IMG_9008 IMG_8991 IMG_8960 IMG_8893 IMG_8894 IMG_8912 IMG_8926 IMG_8946 copy IMG_8954 IMG_8848 IMG_8843 IMG_8841 IMG_8836 IMG_8833 IMG_8753 IMG_8799 IMG_8819 IMG_8823 IMG_8742 IMG_8736 IMG_8712 IMG_8710 IMG_8704


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