Ok so…. Brasov take two.


Actual real, melt in your mouth crunch under your feet snow.

I nearly cried my first set of tears for today. Sucked it up when I looked around and none seemed too fazed by it.

They really weren’t. It was like their annoying little sister prodding them for attention. The grunted, moved over and carried on with what they were doing. Like…. they still wore normal spring time fashion and not one umbrella. NOT ONE UMBRELLA. They just took it on the chin and didn’t even budge. What bosses.

Meanwhile… I’m in this state of euphoria roaming around feeling like heaven reached earth. I sent a text to the director telling him that I would be late… not cause I got lost…. but because I knew fo-shure I needed to indulge in the moment.

Anyhow then we jump into the car off to the placement. Its on the outskirts of Brasov in a village called Codlea. Its a quaint very typical Romanian town… not that I yet know what typical is…. I’ve just labelled it as such. ha.

It was there that I saw locals still on their hustle and grind even in this weather. In NZ if it snowed…. I’m pretty sure we would all update out statuses (which i totally did) and then snuggle in with a good book or a movie. Nah bro. These fellas keep rollin. Wow.

Im so impressed!!!

The placement will be incredible, but more on that later….

So here’s a taste of the snowstorm flavoured Brasov //

And then…. on the way home. My ears found it first. Wow. The sound was deafening. Then my eyes saw the birds waft up in the air. Then I saw it.

The most odd display of macho I have ever seen.

So today is the birthday of the law enforcement in Romania and this was their demonstrations of the services they provide and how they enforce the law.

I was so super uncomfortable. esp after every different demonstration the crowd clapped. Such an odd surreal moment. It brought out the feminist in me. It brought out the tourist in me and it brought out the anger in me. Not sure which is more justified.

Anyhoo at the back of all this ball of odd… they were selling lollies. So yup. Amidst Riot police doing their thaaaang i bought me some sour snakes and dried fruit.

I am mooooreee than ready to welcome in the Sabbath with a hot tea and a snuggle.

Its been a big week and I am so blessed to rest.

Looking forward to heading to the Romanian Adventist Church tomorrow morning….. 


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