Brasov. Wow.

It was an awesome experience getting here. And I don’t say that lightly. I napped, chatted to the person next to me… smoothish flight, delicious meal. And boom got my luggage. I repeat…. I got my luggage. According to myths and legends… I should still be waiting for it.

I met with the projects abroad fulla with ease… literally I ran into him. Cause Im smooth like that.

Fast forward to now. I sit on my bed reflecting on an intense 24 hours.

The trip to Brasov cut deep into my soul. This country is achingly beautiful. And I say that through super emotional goggles of expectation so I am looking forward to roaming around this country when I’m less intense about this all.

But by achingly beautiful I mean… there is a sadness about this place. Hearing about the history of Romania by Alex (who by the way did an awesome job of driving and totally dismantled another myth about Romania drivers)… opened my eyes to the hurt this nation has endured as a result of communism and corruption and wars. Being a Baltic nation he thinks Romania is next in line for another war. So just as well I got in quick? ahem… Aaaaannnddddd I serve a risen Saviour who I believe will be victorious.

Anyhoo…. I arrived at my place of rest and rest I did. Beautiful mumma Rodica hosted me with a stunning meal and I met my room mate… another volunteer from Hong Kong.. the cool guy.

Today I was inducted to Brasov…. traipsed around by Alex and given the lowdown. Love the locals reality check. Because if I didn’t have that…. I would be totally distracted by the movie set scene that is Brasov. Wow.

When I met the director of Projects Abroad and sat down for a cuppa and a chat… he asked…. “why Romania?” and the poor guy…. It was like a vacuum seal door was unlocked to my heart and something triggered and while I totally should have said something really aloof and intelligent…. I just broke down and sobbed. I hadn’t intended to share about my story and was gonna play it cool for a bit… Nah bro. He got the truth. Right there and then in his smoky warm office. It was releasing and beautiful. My throat is still lumpy thinking of that. Truth breaks down barriers. In my 24 hours here… I have realised this nation has a lot of hurt around God and his plans and his providence, so to hear my story, and heart to come back to Romania i guess now they see how important my faith is to me. Sermon in a bunch of tears I guess.

I am so blessed to be going through such an epic emotional faith empowering journey in the safety of Rodica’s 200 year Fortification and with a purpose at Projects Abroad in a beautiful town.

This 2 months is going to be exactly how I described the landscape… achingly beautiful. I am so glad I am here and fully acknowledge Gods protection and providence over my life here. New lessons are going to be learnt and new muscles strengthened… not just spiritual muscles… I have done more walking today than I ever did in 2014 combined ha.

Enjoy the pics my precious people.

Love to you all!!!!


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