Well now. The phrase What God ordains he will maintain.

Yeayurrr. This whole journey of Returning to Grass roots Romania has blown me away with how new pARTnerships have happened and stories have been shared and resources given. Wow.

I cannot wait to reflect on this year to see what happens. But until then…. I LIVE THE STORY.

One cool timecapsule shennagin…. is BOTH WORLDS TV SERIES. Written in CAPS. because it deserves it.

Check out this lil vid.

Im pretty keen that they are documenting my process and preparations to go back to Romania. Thanks to my students who already have been filmed. In advance to my parents and the tissue box that will be nearby and to the other agencys and adoptee’s pARTnering with me on this!!!

Soo…. here’s what BOTH WORLDS says:

 \\ Each week we meet an 18-30 year old from one of Aotearoa’s refugee or migrant communities who is facing a defining moment in their life. Giving the show a 21st century twist, participants use handicams to record their thoughts, feelings and opinions giving us an insight into the unique hopes and fears this generation faces. As confident speakers of English, 2nd generation New Zealanders are able to articulate the duality of their lives: their aspirations within mainstream society, their responsibilities to their ethnic or religious communities, and the tensions and / or benefits this duality brings.

From an aspiring politician to a beauty queen and everything in between, the series presents a dynamic collection of surprising, funny and poignant personal stories about kiwis either living a culture clash or enjoying the best of both worlds //

Mint hey? Love this style of journalism!!!

So like away on

If you would like to watch a full episode this one is pretty RAD (Nuiean hottie alert).

LOVE TO YOU ALL and look forward to sharing more as it happens.

I’ll leave you with this one lil pretentious shot from the filming in Palmy. YEAYUR.



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