Tamar and Francis




Well, what a story to tell y’all.

Boy meets girl in Japan.

Nek few years….

Girl meets boy in New-Zealand.

Boy pull pranks on girl.

Neck Minute.

Hullo isle.

And what a stunning wedding it was. Held at http://www.makouralodge.co.nz, every detail was intentional. Right down to the portrait of Tamar’s late mother pinned on her bouquet.

These two have so much in common. Their faith, their work with international students, movies and their cleanliness (I just knew that had to be published ha).

I am so honoured to have photographed my friends wedding.

Huge props to my 2nd shooter Stefan for stepping when my eyes were too misty.

Already in their young married life they have been called to go through some journeys that only has brought them through stronger.

They are God’s blessing to each other and to the rest of us!

12 33 90 103 184 252 258 278


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