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Ok there is so much to catch you up on! What is about to be shared is 3 months worth of awesomeness to share!!!

I’M GOING BACK TO ROMANIA!! booyah! Blessed to be a blessing!

As you probably already know…. I was adopted from Romania in 1990. I would tell you the rest…. but my friend Christel who is an awesome journalist says it best!


Stories from Romania: Calling for support for an inspiring & beautiful project


Born in a jail

I know this girl who was born in one of the worst jails in Romania, and her mum was a prostitute. Let’s call this girl Daniela Brown to protect her identity (that’s actually her real name).

I was born in New Plymouth hospital. I can’t remember any of it (thank goodness!). Hospitals aren’t ideal places to hang out but I’m pretty sure coming into the world would have been less of a shock for me, than it was for Dana (short for Daniela), being born in a jail and all.

Off to an orphanage

After a short trial, Dana was released from jail and sent to an orphanage.  The judge figured that since Dana was a new-born baby she couldn’t possibly have committed any crimes.

Disclaimer: She wasn’t actually put on trial. Come on, she was a baby!


At the age of three Dana was adopted by a New Zealand couple and brought back to the land of sheep to live out her life (true story).

Get this: Dana was declared legally abandoned by the state because her birthmother was an elusive one and even after 3 months of searching, her adopted parents still couldn’t find her birthmother.

Dana’s story is the stuff movies are made of.

Her life could have easily turned out much differently. Now Dana wants to give back to her first homeland, Romania, and is heading there next year for an awesome project.

A New Zealand & Romanian Partnership

Dana is now 28yrs old and has a double degree in teaching, visual arts and music and has been teaching for a few years. She’s going to run an art therapy project in Romania for orphans and also document the stories of orphans who have grown up in Romania.

In Dana’s own words:

“I am returning to Romania in April 2015 to serve in some capacity with Romania’s forgotten generation, the teenagers and young adults misplaced by the revolution. I’m going to be a part of a movement that is in the business of rehabilitation, restoration and love. A movement that is equipping these young people (perhaps specifically young vulnerable women) with the right strategies and resources to survive and thrive in society, and showering them with love and opportunity.”

“My purpose for doing this is that I have an intense desire to return to Romania to give back to the people and place that gave me life. To return to my roots and embrace my culture.  I recognise that I have a unique opportunity set before me.”

Dana has a passion for quality media and says she can’t wait to explore her journalist voice and use her camera to tell the stories of the people she meets.

The project

Upon arrival in Romania, Dana will first do an Arts Therapy Volunteer Project through Projects Abroad. The rest of the journey will be organic, yet spirit led. Dana will come back to NZ with her footage from Romania and create the film that’s been on her heart and share it with the world.

SHOT CHRISTEL!!! Awesome plug!!!

And guess what people!!!????


Ok. caps party over. But I am so incredibly humbled that people supported me and the Romania dream through this! I can’t wait to fulfil the rewards to those who pledged money…. as seen below… here’s the rewards!!!


letter and poloroid




And the final plug….. NOVEMBER 22!!! There is a partnership Romania Fundraiser concert. So get on a bus, start paddling your boat, do what cha gotta do to get here…. it’s going to be amazing!!!

romania concert


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