Sermon from a paintbrush

So its been soooo good to actually practice what I preach. Actually lifting the paintbrush instead of telling others too. Ha.

Anyhoo… these were works to support / illustrate a youth programme here in Palmy town. It was titled “what is your worth”.

All about the labels we put on ourselves. Or allow others to stick to us…. or allowing to stay on us… perhaps waaaay back from childhood so we perhaps dont even know they were stuck on us… we just assume its a part of our identity.

We act out our labels. Either by projecting the labels we believe are on us…. or we try to hide the labels. Our patterns of behaviour are a projection of what we believe about ourselves.

Anyhoo… painting these labels reveled alot to me. Broke me down more than once. Specially painting and writing the labels GOD has for us. Labels that aren’t just stuck on…. they are our identity. The TRUTH.

And somewhere along the line we stopped believing them.

So lets take back what the Devil stole from us.

The greedy bugger.




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