Miss Manawatu 2012 Crown Holders

So, as a part of my Miss Manawatu Coverage, I also did a photoshoot of the 2012 Crown holders, for Miss Teen and Miss Manawatu.

The director and I chatted about the vision for the shoot. Cause of course typically the Pageant winners look all poofy and fuafua….buuuut I was keen for a pagent deconstruction…ish vibe.

So after the makeup and hair stylists did their thing, we all met at this dodgy car park. Incidentally my favorite part of Palmerston North, stole some power from Barista Cafe, moved along a creepy ole man in his van who was starin at us…..and did the shoot.

Ah yup, Haley and Charlotte….you girls would give any ole top model a run for their money. You with your Doc’s and Legs and eyes. Gerrraaway with you.

IMG_8028 IMG_8032 IMG_8034 IMG_8036 IMG_8037


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