Julie and Paul Sergant.

So, stunning lurve.

Honestly there were so many moments of this day that made me love….love. Geeky I know.

My favorite 2 moments…..when she (the bride) was putting on her makeup and was singing away to herself. So gosh tootin happy. And the other- the look on her face when her groom rung her when she was at the hair salon.


It ended up being a rainy day. But never have I seen suuuuch a chill bride. Honestly- cloud 9 actually exists. Be still my beating heart.

IMG_8649 IMG_8515 IMG_8501 IMG_8497 IMG_8433 IMG_8409 IMG_8389 IMG_8162 IMG_8122 IMG_8107 IMG_8091 IMG_8068 IMG_7965 IMG_7812 IMG_7806 IMG_7799 IMG_7795 IMG_7788 IMG_7782 IMG_7763 IMG_3660 IMG_8740 IMG_8671


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