Heavy Metal Ninja’s feat. me.

So I was sooooo excited to run away to welling to see Fat Freddy’s Drop play at Bodega (http://www.bodega.co.nz) -NZ’s oldest live music venue. Turns out it was just a couple of DJ’s playing their music. (MAHBAAAD!!!!). Anyway- So I roamed into the upper part of the venue. Bowled on up to the bouncer and asked if it was all good to take photo’s of the band. He was like CHUR (in my mind he did anyway).

So I like sumo’d my way to the front and kinda on stage to photograph these dudes- http://www.muzic.net.nz/gig-guide/63887/heavy-metal-ninjas

Turns out I broke into an event without paying (MAH BAAAAD II). I love how a camera round my neck is like a backstage all access pass (in my mind II).

Yeah- wasn’t a huuuuge fan of their music. but YAKNOW- they were suuuuch good performers. LOVED PHOTOGRAPHING THEM. THAT’S WHY THE CAPS IS STILL ON.


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