Baseball in the time of Cholera

Remember when I posted about Kony 2012? That movement (became immortalized through media. The guys at Invisible Children created a brand. And everyone in the western world wanted a piece of that brand. To feel apart of bringing a permanent end to the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) atrocities.

So here’s a ‘brand’, a media campaign more closer to me. Remember when I posted about the RYOT & KADO? Both of those are creative (yeah maybe brands we can tap into) movements that speak out against injustice and aims to bring reconciliation and peace to the people of Haiti.

My friends husband just completed a film that won the Short Doco category at the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s not just a doco film. Just like Kony 2012 wasn’t just a historical narrative of injustices long gone.

This is something we can participate it.

Lets be apart of smoking out the UN.

So (in my own words…ahem) basically the UN were stationed at Haiti for peacekeeping and were handling wast in a gross way (think on the scale of sewerage spill). It got into the water. The water that the Haitians live off. And BOOM Cholera epidemic.

So now, the Haitians (already displaced by the earthquake), have to deal with this epidemic that was brought to them by the very people that were supposed to bring aid and relief.

This is what the UNDENY project is all about. To smoke the UN out. To pressure the UN to take responsibility for the Cholera epidemic and to step up and end this crisis.

The film is called Baseball in the time of cholera.

Watch it.

Sign the Petition.

Share it.


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