NZIPP President notes. Kinda boring if you don’t care haha

Mike Langford (New-Zealand Professional Photographers Institute President) quotes from seminar. 

– scuse the randomness of the notes, I was note-taking almost blind on my iphone.


“Did you notice that I said make photographs, not take photographs”. 

“This is not photo journalism, this is photo illustration- you have to take control 
If you didn’t you might be very confused as to what the message is”

“In a publication, every 8 page on a double spread is stiched. It lays flatter, plan your images around it”

“I regularly take photos that don’t tell all the story. Let people’s imagination be a part of the image- they take it where they want to.”

“Traditional cultural shots can sometimes take months to prepare- permission etc…”

“To go to a shoot without something in your brain is to not have started the shoot”

“Food is top back lit with reflectors. Mirrors are harsher than a reflector”.

“Think about the whole process- what your saying, who too and how”. 

“Try pre production as opposed to post production. 
It’s better to make the photo as much as possible on location than in a dark studio”

“It’s self fulfilling to express yourself at the time of shooting- doing it in the camera- your not going to get the ideas later in the studio, take as much as you can on location”.

“If you have an idea you are responsible to make it happen:
Make the changes in the camera- you have choice using that wonderful thing called fingers” 

“Photographs are your ideas, you got no idea- its not a good photo. Ideas rule”. 

“How you feel about being somewhere changes the look. Different emotions create different interpretation and approach to the photograph”

“I challenge you to go out and take photos that have emotion at the time of the photo”.

“If you don’t have a Macro lens, gaffer tape lens to camera back to front on camera”.

“We all know how tall you are so photograph from another angle”

“Different lighting effects change the mood- and different filters (blue to feel like lit by the moon), and green for night vision. Blue is cold. Yellow is warm. Red is dangerous”.

“For Portraits (or an other compositions for that matter)- cold colors recede into background and warm colors advance to the foreground- make the subject warm. This is what make it appear 3d.”

“F16-f22 lights become stars “

“Set up shoot with other model. Tether it / show it to actual model”. 

“It’s all about light- how you see shapes and interior and exterior”

“Ordinary things don’t win awards. Things that make you think does.”


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