Get yer red feet on Dorothy…

Totes channelled Dorothy today.

The opposite of realizing we are not in Kansas anymore Toto is following the yellow brick road and turning lemons into lemonade.

A couple of days ago I was planning on taking off in the weekend to some west-coast beach and sleeping in my dubby wub.

Nek Minut….

But seriously, God hears and BOOM he provided me what I needed. RANDOM AZ ADVENTURES.

This morning I slept in beyond the acceptable hour.


I followed my ears, nose and eyes.

And started by ordering the biggest coffee and LOVING these girls. What did it for me- the ukulele bass.

Theeeen I left.

And followed my ears.


I was fixated for ages staring at them. Never seen em in mufti before. Kinda made me not hate the bagpipes.

Nek minut:

I checked out the manawatu schools high school art exhabition. TOTES inspired to get my students into that exhabition nek yr.

Then I got re-zazzed to get my actual camera out of retirement by checking out the epsom NZIPP competition.

This was my fav image:

Then I followed my nose.

For more coffee.

I bought one.

Passed a table full of dudes with the THICKEST beards I have ever seen. They had the most random conversation. “yeah so we’ll be like…they are all red, yellow and blue. Then we’ll say red one, yellow two, and blue three.”



So then I followed my eyes.

The raddest space in town. Called the Youth Space.

In I entered. BOOM architecture meets youth culture. I WANT TO LIVE THERE!!!

Anyway me and this girl that works at youth space recently joined this art foundation (called PassionArt). So I was keen to see if she was workin so she could show me around.


Turns out what I thought was following my eyes, it actually was God playing matchmaker with my random day, her timetable and 2 18yr old graffiti artists court appearences.

Here’s the scoop- PassionArt is fusing with youth space on the COOOLEST PROJECT.

The Palmerston north council along with the police and along with youth space are dedicating a few blank walls and street corners to graffiti art.


Anyway….I met up with these two graffiti artists, we checked out some graffiti books from the library (soooch RAD AZ nerds I know), then went for a wander to choose some walls.

Man they were hilarious. One’s more experienced at this sorta stuff- bragging bout hanging off walls and the other- legit using the term- Nek Minut. ALL-THE-TYME. Soooo funny.

I loved it.

Then I went to a concert at Massey Uni.

The opening band….blergh.

So I ran away and slept in the SUN. THE SUN!!!

Till some boys sauntered past and yelled out MILF to me. hmmm to be flattered or offended?

Nek minut….I followed my ears.

To apparently NZ band of the year.

I wandered past their sound check….

BOOOOOM. The very random bushy bearded boy’s at the coffee shop. It twas the band:

“The Phoenix Foundation”.

Sounded quite le grande actually.

And pretty indieish dry…. much like their conversation at the coffee shop.

They performed on the Jools Holland show too.

Anyway, that twas my day.

Wa aint in Kansas anymore toto,

but clip yo heels luv. It aint boring.


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