So yah. Nothing clever. No unusual musing. Just a testimonial.

Sooooo much change flavoured Popsicle.

Location. Home. Neighbours. Subjects. School. Bosses. Churches. Weather. Friends.

Now I could choose to be sooooo sad to fare thee y’all well to sun, music teaching shenannagins, performing arts centre plushness, 10 million bosses micro-managing me, one church where everyones family, pot smoking neighbours, big kitchen and all that sweet az ness.

OOOOORRRR I could pick up my resilience britches, make peace and play nice.

Pretty much I asked God for one thing when I was considering the move to Palmy. To protect my heart. Now that sounds all princess airy fairy party, but truly- if you read my blogs at all…you know I’m all blanket hugging, mummy cherishing, home missing.

And change brings that all up even if I do try to desperately hide it under a caffeine addiction.

And my goodness- I’m totally peacey lah dink dah about this move. It feel’s so natural…like of COURSE I’ll wear jandels in the classroom. God did answer this prayer. Even in admidst the spider party in my new house, skulls in my classroom and rain everywhere. Im soooo at peace (it really does pass all understanding).

I blame my new neighbours. You know like the loud music kind of neighbours. Cept these ones invite me.

I love living in a kibbutz. I have been absorbed and adopted. By little kids, animals, old friends and new spunkies. Seriously- THIS is what every new person needs.

That was part of the decision I made in coming to Longburn Adventist College- I looked on the net, at the staff profiles and was like BOOM these teachers LOVE it, LIVE it.

Im stoked by this year and what it’s going to hold. These last of week I’ve gone all nerdy, sitting in coffee shops supping sugar-free V and coffee, planning the living daylights out of the art department. But I know there is sooo much more that will happen.

So yah. Nothing clever. No unusual musing. Just a testimonial.

If you ask you will recieve.







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