Kado and Ryot. LOVE these 4 letter words.

So this is a pluggish blog post.

I studied art with this BLONDE hottie. Lets be honest- I thought she was Gwyneth Paltrow.


She got married. And got stunning with her life. Her Man is equally artistically talented.

So anyway. Typical people. With talent and passions.


She does this:


As modelled by Olivia Wilde:

Olivia Wilde rocking a Kado necklace as a bracelet in Haiti

“Kado was started to provide income to struggling moms in Port Au Prince Haiti. Most of the Kado ladies are single moms, most of them lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake.

Each piece of Kado jewelry is made from a combination of recycled materials and glass beads or semi precious stones.

Some of the paper beads we’re working on Rosilia (Rosellia) and I.

5 days a week the Kado ladies come together at the Operation Blessing compound in Port Au Prince and sing together as they create beautiful art to support their children.

Kado is the most beautiful way to change a life!

We have only just begun and we hope that in the ensuing months we can continue to expand and create stunning pieces, have fun, and continue to provide these beautiful women with a good income for their families. We also aim to take on more women as we expand”.

Check out the website to buy some: http://www.kadogift.org

And he does this:


In the words of Martin Luther King “A riot is the language of the unheard”: RYOT’s goal is to inspire social change through photography and film.  From the Ryots (peasants) of India to those oppressed by conflict in Africa, RYOT aims to highlight the most impacting stories and social movements in the world”.

He works for Operation Blessing and along with his increibubble film ability and some intensely passionate people:

-created this film:

Our Tribeca poster designed by the legendary Shepard Fairey

Here’s the  trailer for the movie:


“Sun City Picture House is the story of Rapheal Louigene a young Haitian man who loves movies. After watching the last of the old colonial movie theaters destroyed in the earthquake he enlists the help of a priest and two young aid workers to build Haiti’s only movie theater on a hill above a tent city. The community rallies behind and all pitch in to work, sometimes through the night for four days and through a tropical storm to open on time. Sun City Picture House is a joyful and moving story of a community torn apart by disaster then united in a singular vision of bringing back cinema to a country destroyed.

The film Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2011 and is currently on the festival circuit”.

Whoa di dang. 

I love it when talent/passion and hard work collide head first to right the wrongs in this world. 


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