Meet Tip.

This is the house that Tip built:








I bartered this interview. half price, plus the packet of chewing gum I bought to get the $15.

He’s done this before.

Scored off a person with a camera.

“Thats why I’m going up to Auckland.

Hard out. I’ll make it big.

The world cup and everyfin.

Shall I take my top off so you can get a photo of my tattoo’s?

Yup righteo.

Where are you taking me?

This fulla knows heaps (Harlen), he’s been here longer than me.

This is where we live.

There’s the Water

The Bathroom, Washing Machine.

There’s all our gears.

Want some pizza?

Nup, How do you heat it up?

Go to a shop

Why is your name Tip?

Every Harvest I go home and I’m allowed to take the top ones. The best buds. “There goes Tip- he’s taking off with all the goodies.

What do you mean Harvest?


What would you like to say to Tauranga?

I got a lot to share.



Try this, How did you come to be here?

I came here because they said there was alot of work.

There is a lot, but it’s hare to get there.

City Council should be supplying transport for these people. The mayor should be organizing buses for us.

Where did you come from?

I came from prison.

How long ago did you get out?

Bout 3 months ago.

You’re real fresh then.


5 years I dune.

What did you do?

Aggravated robbery.

Drug habit. You do anything for money.

Thats why I ask for money for things like this.

I can do the haka. For money. I made 60 bucks busking.

Nah these alot of things in Tauranga that could be done.

Like more things. Entertainment and stuff.

Like bands, plugged in. Once a month. It’s pretty slack here.

How do you cope here in winter?

You just have too.

You just double up in your sleeping bag.

So is there a few of you here?

All up theres about 15 of us on the street.

Some of them have rooms to go back to at night.

Supplied by Pa’s and Salvation army.

But those are for the older people. Who can’t stand the streets no longer.

How old are you?


I’ll do a couple more seasons out here, then I’m done.

If you could make it big as something what would you do?

Entertainment. A producer.

I got a cousin up in Auckland. A producer.

I’m heading that way. I could still make it big.

I can’t read, but I can put a concert together.

There’s 2 bands here on the streets. I can put them together.


wooo thats another 5.

Got any family?

In Hawkes Bay. There’re quite rich. Shearing contractors.

Got there on houses, cars and everyfin.

I been there, had all that. Wealth.

It gets to ya after a while. It gets to ya.

My sister tried to commit suicide twice. All that business.

Heavy eh?

So she sold that contract.

Take a photo of all my gears and say -‘look this is street life’.

And that can, put that in it.

I got that coke from a church.

We’ll go to a church tonight for dinner.

We go to church. Pray to God.

I believe in God.

Yup. He’s a good man.

Sweet as, thanks Tip.

See you around…

I know where you live.

Yup haha- around.

Just ask for Tip.


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