Self portrait of someone who’s never seen their reflection. BLAH BLAH BLAH

Everything Shea Hembrey says is genius. Faaar out.

Totally inspires me to actually pick up a dang paint brush and become the artist I was told never to stop being.

I remember my art lecturer tell me he’d hunt me down if ever he found out I stopped.

Take the time to watch this guys TED talk.

Points the middle finger at what society (being A: cafe art or B: craaaaap post-modern flippity flop wannabies) labels as an artist.

My favourite quote: “If I can’t explain this artists work to my Grandma in 5 minutes it’s either to complicated or unrefined”.

He also has this philosophy that good art (no matter what genre/medium) uses the 3 H’s:

Head: Intellectual and has thought and intentionality,

Heart: It would have passion and soul, and

Hand: well crafted (as in…talent).

Spot on Sir Shea.

To much art is all of one and not enough of the other.

So this truly does make me want to get out of my shadow and start creating the light.

I have this idea- sort of a spin off from his idea (on sooooch a smaller scale) that really does stick it to cafe art.

I’ll keep you posted. There’s I spose a bit of artistic integrity to think through first.


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