Here he comes.

There are these moments where I’m weary.

Weary of media roaming though my subconsciousness.

Weary of details that shadow the purpose.

Weary of opinions that shatter me.

Weary of the battle of control over decisions.

Weary of comparison that leads to discontent.

Just. Weary.

Plain old Dana playing God weary.

It’s these moments that push me through my numb semi-consciousness.

I want to return.

Back to who I was when I first met him.

When I was so free and relaxed no matter what boring/average/distracting things loomed in my peripheral.

I went for an epicish walk this arvo and meditated on Melissa Otto’s song “Here he comes”.

I’m not even going to try to put these lyrics into my own words.

They made me cry.

“Here He comes

Riding on a white horse
To pull me out from the midst of my enemy
My faithful one
Here He comes
To vanquish His enemies
Fighting with a fierce love
A love stronger than death
My true one

Verse 1

Soft in the stillness of night
Gentle and quiet
His voice assured me again
Child I’m not finished yet
Let your heart rest
I won’t let you slip through my fingers

Verse 2

He holds me
Oh He holds me so closely
I am His
And by His grace He is mine
No power can loosen His grip on me
I’m so tightly held by His mighty love

If I say my foot is slipping
Your mercy Oh Lord holds me up
In the multitude of my thoughts
Your comforts delight my soul
Oh here He comes”.




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