How not to spend the weekend working.

I adore being an SDA.

Resting on the Sabbath.

30 mins a day you gotta push play. Cept today.

Today we eat.

Ok we do know its waaay more spesh than just that.

Here’s a pic for your foine Sabbath Day.

And here’s some sweet words written by a hottie friend of mine (I am totally just copy and pasting her words + pics).

“I don’t need a man.

I have a supportive family, a God that loves and cares for me and a brain.

I don’t need a man to be my protector or my provider.


I will go out and I will do what God calls me to do. I believe that he will provide for my needs, and that God will take care of me. I’m not worried about how I’ll survive financially, or if I’ll be safe. I’m confident in who I am, in who God made me to be. Not all the time, but most the time and even the times when I don’t feel confident, I force myself to pretend that I am. Whenever I have moments of worry, where I remind myself of who made me, or who cares for me and how he’s came through every single time in the past.


Apparently some guys like to be needed and find it a bit scary when girls don’t need them…I don’t understand. Doesn’t seem particuarly healthy for someone to be with someone because they need them…


I don’t need a man to give me money, keep me safe or complete me.

But I want a man (no rush, all in God’s time). And I will need him- just not in the stereotypical ways.

I will need him to spend quality time with me, to listen to me, to discuss things with me, to be honest with me, to put up with my ‘ranece-ness’,  to expose my heart and mind to, to walk through life and walk closer to God together with, I will need him to hug me when our world falls apart. I will need him to stand next to me as my equal, and to hold my hand. I will need him for love.


That’s all.

And that’s all I want to be needed for too…”



















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