A self portrait of someone who’s never seen their reflection







So here’s a somewhat heart post.

I’m lately all about the aesthetics.

But this goes deeper than that.

But I am feeling like God is drawing me a picture.

Me + birthmother = release.

This song began in my VW. On a road trip. Much like this one http://spoonfullofdaniela.blogspot.com/2010/03/life-looks-way-cooler-with-my.html.

Back in college I did an art series based on the self portrait of someone who’s never seen their reflection, or something like it. Check out my actual wording here: https://spoonfullofdaniela.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/exhabition-jitters/.

So there I was, chugging away in my car, indulging in DNA cravings.

This rarely happens to someone genetically blase.

So when it happens, its obvious its a God moment.

So with the iphone on record as I steer and the absolute PROWESS of my singing teacher (http://www.btcmin.com/index.html) this song was birthed.


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