Up a tree. And then in a shed. kussing bru.

So Logan. You Dawg.

Your good for her.

You did what no-one else could.

Made her throw out her stripy socks.

And fluro boardshorts.

What a relief.

Imagine what the bridemaid dress will be like if you didn’t.

Because thats what matters here.


Not you and her.


Anyway. So I followed them around this weekend.

Farmer wants a wife? Heck yes he did!

Logan. Blue Steel #1

Blue Steel #2

Oh how sahweet are they?

The ugly truth?

Nah as if. Just look at them.

That dog. I swear. Know how to pose. After my last blog, I think we all know I’m the animal whisper errrr.

Oh PARTAY!!!! Like a dream.

yup. Midnight much?

Conclusion. ish.

We will wait to see the VW as the wedding car.

Because thats the focus of this blog.



One thought on “Up a tree. And then in a shed. kussing bru.

  1. Rachel the fab! says:

    You’re awesome Dana! Thee best photographer since sliced bread! The photos are fab…love the shed pics. Amazing what you can do with amateur models 😉

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