Charlie and I…Weeze tight.

There is a change-a-brewin.
In me.
I like it.

This is a mixymash blog. I have a bit swirlin round my head so good luck making sense of it.

Charles Darwin and me….we are a bit in sync. Ok so he’s a mad nutter- but there are other similarities.

The survival of the fittest, Natrual Selection.
That’s me.
One example of Natrual Selection is Mimicry. “Some harmless insects mimic other insects that are more powerful. Mimicry evolves because the better mimics survive better. They live to produce more offspring than the less good mimics. The genes of the better mimics become more common in the species. Over time, mimic species get closer to their models. This is the process of evolution by natural selection” (- on ya wikipedia).

Good ole Darwin. Hit the nail on the head, and then missed and got his thumb, but the sentiment remains…..
I have had some solid models in my new professional enviroment to mimic.They are experinced and successful teachers that are talented, passionate and honest. The more I mimic them, the more I become like them- talented, passionate and honest.

And Darwin- another winner example of Natrual Selection is Wings: “The wings of birds are good examples of evolution caused by the creature adapting (changing to fit in) to its environment. Wings have evolved, and they enhance the survival of their possessors”.
In order for me to survive, I have to adapt my wingspan. I have to LOVE routine (and secretly I do). I have to pre-pack my lunch. I have to budget. I have to learn to say no. I have to rely on myself to rely on God.

It could be quite terryfying if I never had anything good to mimic.

I can see that this new me is evolving. A new professional dependable me. I like it. I like being relied on. Good ole Muss Brown. (still hearing the kiwi accent). I like the new musical wings that I’m developing- like when the creativity is stripped away- there still is a music teacher who knows her stuff.

It’s nice.
It’s like cutting your hair. Whenever you pass a window- you stop, notice the changes- how now you can feel the wind on your neck, you fluff up the new style and move on with a zing.

Yeah, the new me. I’m not entirely sure that if the new me stepped out of the mirror and introduced itself, I would recognize it yet. Its all hollographicish still.

The new me, its pending.


One thought on “Charlie and I…Weeze tight.

  1. -R says:

    >niiiice dana. thats the most 'scientific' i've ever heard you be! haha. liked it all, the wings evolving part is the biggest load of shhhhhheeeeite though, but i completely understand your sentiments and how it applies to you as a person! Glad your growing into and loving teaching more and more. I hope one day that is me.

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